The Thermdrill® method solves an old problem

At low wall thickness only 1-2 threads can often be introduced. But these are often not appropriate for a viable thread.

Sectional view of traditional joining techniques such as weld nuts and blind rivet nuts compared to the Thermdrill threaded bush


Oliver Waldmann Geschäftsführer ONTOOL GmbH, Germany

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Oliver Waldmann CEO ONTOOL GmbH, Germany

Reports from the field

Thermdrill® threaded bushings are the best way to establish a releaseable screw connection in thin-walled materials.

In the prefabriction Thermdrill® is the more elegant solution and replaces in many cases the traditional joining techniques such as welding and rivet nuts.

How it works. Stable threaded bushing in only two steps

With the Thermdrill® method you create in seconds with only two steps extremely stable threaded bushings made out of one piece.

While rotating in the material the Thermdrill generates friction heat by flow drilling until it becomes red-hot. The material flowing upwards is formed into a collar

Thermdrill® is specially grinded and made out of solid carbide. Generating friction heat while drilling it displaces the thin walled material without producing any chips.

Within seconds it forms a bushing underneath the workpiece from the existing material.

This extra thickness comes without any additional material or inserts and is now offering enough space for the threads which are introduced in the second step.

While rotating the thread former is easily inserted into the existing bushing to produce the desired thread e.g. an M8 metric thread

While thread forming the threads are forced into the material by a non-cutting method.

The material is cold worked and compacted as forging without destroying the natural grain (fiber-running) of the material.

Formed threads are characterized by extremly high strength and smooth threads followed by a very good assemply of the screw and loosening torque of the screw.

The screw inserted into the absolute wobble-free and twist-proof thermdrill threaded bushing can be used and loaded immediately

The finished treaded bushing has now 4-5 threads and is immediately usable.

Made out of one piece it is 100% twist-free and provides a secure hold especially when it is used with dynamic load and vibrations.

Recommended drills

Empfohlene Bohrmaschine für THERMDRILL Anwendungen


Motor Capacity 1,5 kW, 230V Rotational Speed 35-5.600 U/min. continuously adjustable
Spindle Taper MC3
Weight 141 kg
Suitable to Thermdrill® M12

Everything you need to know briefly shown in 2 minutes

This vivid video shows the production of thermo-drilled and threaded bushings including their wide range of applications.

Easy Handling

Thermdrill® works just like normal drilling.

The use of the Thermdrill method just requires a solid pillar drilling machine and a starter set as the basic equipment for any new user

Figure show the first step for the preparation of a bushing by the Ontool CEO Oliver Waldmann.

True to size threads

With Thermdrill® you always get the best quality – made in Germany!

When checking the threads with a gauge, Thermdrill always delivers precise results and best quality

Figure shows the verification of a thermo-drilled bushing with a plug gauge.

What characterizes a Thermdrill® bushing

They are made of one piece from the existing material and cannot loose anymore. It´s the ideal solution for thin sheet metal, pipes and profiles.

Sectional view of the Thermdrill threaded bushing shows the threads, the shape of the collar and the fibers running as with forging

  • No more wobble, loosening or twist (like with rivet nuts).
  • 100% no twist because it´s made out of one piece.
  • No additonal attachments required anymore.
  • Especially suitable for round tubes.
  • Secure hold also for sheet metal and special section tubes.
  • No waste because of chipless process by using friction heat.
  • Better quality of the thread by thread forming instead of cutting (material solidification).
  • Long life of the tools by polygonal grinded hard metal.

Enormous holding power

As with forging the material gets extremely compressed while forming the thread. Therefore threaded bushing are particularily suitable for extraordinary loads.

Thermal drilled and thread formed bushings are resistant to vibrations, shear and pull-out forces up to 2,7 tonnes

* Pull-out strength for M8, 2,0 mm material thickness

Speed up you production and save precious time

Working with Thermdrill® gives you a significant increase of productivity by reduction of production time up to 50%.

The efficient thermdrilling fastening process requires only two working steps and allows a time saving of up to 50 percent compared to the rivet nut

  • Only two steps – i.e. just one tool change.
  • High speed process – thermal drilling and tapping take only a few seconds.
  • Increase of productivity through faster cycle times.
  • Production costs can be saved.
  • Flexible use as only one tool is needed for aluminum, copper, brasse, steel and stainless steel.

Tool-change made easy

The Thermdrill® Quick-Tool-Change device allows you to change from drilling to tapping within seconds in the same position.

The tool change from flow drilling to thread forming in one clamping position is operated fastest with a quick change chuck

Thermdrill® – a technology that pays off

With Thermdrill® technology you can reduce up to 70% of material and labor costs for threaded connections in thin sheet metalum and increase simultaneously productivity.

Example of calculation*:

Application Production of M8 threaded bushings to connect glas-holders with round posts.
Material Mild Steel
Material thickness 2,0 mm
Quantity 5.000 pieces

Due to the low tool costs and long lifespan, the cost savings of with e.g. 5,000 aluminum rivet nuts M8 is more than 600 euro, respectively 70%

* Assumed values for material costs and time can differ

  • Up to 90% less material costs due to high life time of the tools.
  • Up to 50% less labor costs through high speed process and fewer tool changes.
  • Usually no investment in drilling machines required – can be used on almost any standard pillar drills.
  • Modular system allows you to buy only the tools that you need for your application.
  • Reduction of rejects – no loosening, wobbling and twist like rivet nuts.
  • No consequential cost due to broken connections.

High tool life period – low costs

Thermdrill® thermo-drills and thread formers are very durable.

A Thermdrill tool set (= thermdrill + tapper) replaces the quantity of up to 5,000 aluminum rivet nuts M8

A single Thermdrill® tool-set replaces up to 5.000 rivet nuts.

Thermdrill® reduces running costs

Many side work are not noticed but cause significant costs. With Thermdrill® you save:

  • Storage costs
  • Supply / transport of attachments in place
  • Logistic costs
  • Disposal of chips
  • Danger of confusion